Evolve Bone Meal 2.5kg


EVOLVE  Organic Bone Meal 2-14-0
Looking for additional phosphorus?  EVOLVE  Bone Meal is easy for plants to take up and will help your flowering plants grow bigger and more plentiful flowers, plus it will help with root growth.

It's easy to grow organic!

Coverage:  Bulbs - place 1/4 cup into hole prior to placement of bulb.  Add water.

Trees & Shrubs - place 1/2 cup into hole when transplanting, place tree/shrub on top, add water.   Existing Trees and Shrubs - place 1/2cup at base of plant and water immediately (1cup if over 5ft).

Garden Area - Spread entire bag over 100sqft of garden area.  Mix into soil where possible, water immediately.