CSR - Customer Service Representative (CASH) APPLY NOW

28 Jun 2024

The successful candidate must be available both weekdays and weekends.


The CSR Keyholder position encompasses three areas of responsibility – cashier, retail, and opening and closing the store. This position is also a liaison position between cashiers and management.

The CSR will be able to manage all Cashier Duties, Retail Floor Duties, as well as the potential to become a Keyholder responsible for opening and closing the store.

CSR Cashier Duties :

·        Execute all basic cashier duties

·        Assist in cashier training

·        Liason between cashiers and management as to the process of training and to inform the CSR/Retail floor manager of any procedural issues

·        Follow company policies and procedures and ensure that cashiers have read and understood changes to, or new, policies. This includes having cashiers sign off on policies

·        Ensure cashiers are informed of sales, price changes, advertising, and new products and services

·        Process returns properly, and oversee that cashiers receive authorization for all returns

·        Complete duties in a timely and efficient manner

·        Ensure one cashier is in the vicinity of the tills at all times

·        Ensure that breaks are scheduled and being taken accordingly


Retail – The retail role of the CSR is to ensure the store is ready each day. This includes the following duties:

· ·        Set daily break and lunch schedules for cashiers

Turn on videos, set out samples

·        Ensure that tills are fully stocked at all times, and that cashiers complete their daily til check

o  Inform office regarding low supplies

·        Ensure products are properly signed, and that the signs are in good shape

·        Check the ‘on hold’ area regularly and put items back that are beyond the hold date

Assign daily duties to cashiers

·        Communicate to receiving any discrepancies with barcodes, products not found in POS, pricing errors ect

·        Attend staff meetings to be informed of upcoming promotions, events, or new products

·        Assist to develop new ideas for cashier training, til organization, information flow ect

·        Answer the phone and field calls

·        Check phone messages and respond to calls


 The CSR will have the potential to also become a Keyholder.


Keyholder – The keyholder role of the CSR is to open and/or close the store. This includes the following duties:

·        Arrive on time to allow other staff entry into the building

·        Use assigned key to access the side door, mechanical room, and cash room

·        Set and turn off the alarm

·        Retrieve floats for the retail tils and cafe til

·        Turn on/off required lights and breakers

·        Retrieve change for the tils and cafe when needed

·        Unlock and open/Lock and close front doors

·        Ensure all doors in 8, 9, and retail are secured before leaving

·        Ensure nursery yard is secured

·        Ensure current procedures for greenhouse roofs are followed as per the current season

·        Complete the end of day reports

·        Place cash bags from tils and cafe in safe



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