• General Planting Questions

    What Planting Zone are we in: We are Zone 3B 

    When can I plant outside: We recommend waiting until after the last frost which is usually the first week in June. Check the weather to be sure. 

    What is the difference between Perennials & Annuals?  Perennials you plant once, and they will return year after year. Annuals are planted each year and last only one growing season. 

    How often should I water my plants? Outdoor plants often need to be watered daily. Indoor plants usually about once a week. A number of factors will affect water needs so it is always best to feel the soil (at least an inch down) to see if water is needed. 

    What is the difference between potting soil and garden soil and when should I use which? Potting soil is a lighter mix best used indoors, or for containers, or hanging baskets. It often contains aids to help retain water. Garden soil is black earth and should be used for vegetable and flower beds directly in the ground. 

    Curbside Pickup Questions 

    What are your curbside pickup hours?  Curbside pickup is available 7 days a week from 10am until 5pm.  

    Where do I pickup my order? Please park in the lot and call us at 767-3666. We will ask you to meet us at our Exit doors and have your order ready for you. 

    When I select order pickup, how soon can I pick it up? We need 24 hours to prepare your product. You can pick it up at your selected pick up time.  

    How far in advance can I schedule my pick up? 
    You are able to select a future pickup date up to 7 days in advance. 

Planting Instructions & Guarantee 

Planting Guarantee 

Which plants are guaranteed? 

  • We offer a Guarantee on most trees, shrubs and evergreens for 1 year from the date of purchase, with original cash register receipt. See your warranty sheet for more details. 
  • Upgrade to a 5 year guarantee with the purchase of Myke, this product MUST be purchased with the warranty item and be on the same receipt. 

What will we do for you? 

  • If your plant dies during the guaranteed period we will issue a credit note for the full amount paid. 
  • The plants original cash register receipt and the dead plant must be presented to honour the guarantee. 


Planting Instructions 

Do you have... 

  • A Shovel? 
  • Garden Gallery Triple Mix Soil? 
  • Garden Gallery Plant Starter Fertilizer? 
  • Mulch? 


  1. Dig hole twice the width of the container. 

  2. Remove the plastic container and twine before planting. Fibre container should be sliced on the sides and top rim removed (do not disturb the root system). 

  3. Set the ball of the plant so the top of the ball is slightly above ground level. 

  4. Fill hole with a planting mixture consisting of 50% the original soil and 50% Garden Gallery Triple Mix Soil. 

  5. Soak the plant thoroughly to eliminate air pockets. 

  6. Fertilize the plant with Garden Gallery Plant Starter Fertilizer. 

  7. Cover the area with 2-3” of mulch, leaving 2” around the trunk free of mulch.  

  8. Follow up with Garden Gallery Plant Starter Fertilizer in 2 weeks, and again 2 weeks after that. 

Watering Instructions 

Nursery Stock 

  • Give tree, shrub or evergreen a thorough soaking with water after planting, immediately followed by an application of Garden Gallery Plant Starter. 
  • Water deeply once a week in cool weather. In hot or windy conditions water twice a week or as needed. 
  • Water weekly until the ground feezes. 


  • Give perennials a thorough soaking with water after planting, immediately followed by an application of Garden Gallery Plant Starter Fertilizer. 
  • Water every second or third day until established. 

Annual Containers 

  • Check containers daily and water until water runs through the drainage holes in the pot. 
  • Fertilize with Garden Gallery Flower Gro every two weeks during growing season.