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What's in the greenhouse?

Tropical Houseplants

Whether you are looking for your home or office we can help you find the right plants for  your space.

Succulents & Cacti

We have a great selection of Succulents and Cacti in the greenhouse.


Each Spring we roll out a huge selection of annuals: everything from bedding pacs to stunning hanging baskets and planters


Perennials are a great choice to fill the garden as they come back year after year


If you enjoy harvesting your own fresh vegetables we carry a full selection for your garden: from tomatoes to kale, we've got you covered!


Nothing tastes better than fresh from the garden! Grow your own herbs in containers or in the garden from our selection

Trees & Shrubs

We carry a great selection of shade trees, evergreens, flowering shrubs, roses, fruit trees, small fruits, vines, and more!

Don't Forget Your Pot!

We have a great selection of pots for all you indoor and outdoor needs

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