Pumpkin Centrepiece DIY

There are many ways to use pumpkins, other than just carving! This dried flower-filled pumpkin centrepiece is a beautiful way to compliment your autumn décor. Use a pumpkin vase or a real pumpkin as a base, grab your favourite bouquet, moss, floral picks, a foam base, scissors and you’re on your way.


  • Dried Bouquet
  • Pumpkin Vase or Pumpkin
  • Floral Picks
  • Moss
  • Foam Base
  • Snips/Scissors


  1. Cover the foam base in moss.
  2. Grab your snips/scissors and cut the dried bouquet to your desired length.
  3. Place the foam base inside the pumpkin vase and begin adding the decorative pieces.
  4. Spin while you add the pieces! Make sure it looks good from every angle.
  5. Add the finishing touches and you’re done!
September 30, 2021 — John Vanderwees